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Piping Server

node v12.22.6
version: 7.0.0
const http = require("http"); const piping = require("piping-server@1.1.1"); const log4js = require("log4js@6.1.2"); // Create a logger const logger = log4js.getLogger(); logger.level = "info"; const pipingServer = new piping.Server(logger); const httpPort = 3000; http.createServer(pipingServer.generateHandler(false)) .listen(httpPort, ()=>{ console.log(`Listening HTTP on ${httpPort}...`); }); // (from: https://npm.runkit.com/express) console.log(process.env.RUNKIT_ENDPOINT_URL);
# Endpoints 1.1.1: https://piping-47q675ro2guv.runkit.sh/ 0.8.1: https://piping-92sr2pvuwg14.runkit.sh/

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