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Relative Strength Index (RSI)

node v4.9.1
version: 1.0.0
var RSI = require('technicalindicators').RSI; var inputRSI = { values : [127.75,129.02,132.75,145.40,148.98,137.52,147.38,139.05,137.23,149.30,162.45,178.95,200.35,221.90,243.23,243.52,286.42,280.27,277.35,269.02,263.23,214.90], period : 14 }; var expectedResult = [ 86.41,86.43,89.65,86.50,84.96,80.54,77.56,58.06 ]; RSI.calculate(inputRSI)


  • posted 3 years ago by ratts13
    very nice
  • posted a year ago by sinamhbb
    Hey there, In the documentation for RSI over the Internet, RSI will give you numbers for overbought and oversold prices. But as per this calculator, it only gives back a number. How to find out if it gives the number to start to buy or sell? for example, here(https://www.marketvolume.com/quotes/calculatersi.asp) it gives you the RSI as per two color red and green that shows where to buy or sell. can you please advise me on how to detect these traits from this library? or in general what to do with these numbers? I copied the values from here to the RSI calculator and I didn't receive the same numbers as here. Kindly advise me on this.
  • posted a year ago by 603bfb0c8c4d97001e02e124
    Hi sinam! The often use "Overbought" signal is when the RSI is over 70, while the "Oversold" is when the RSI is below 30
  • posted a year ago by gilson401
    Hi. thanks for the library. What I learn of RSI ,is that its an unique number indicator wich goes from 0 to 100 but the result of your library is an array. Can you help-me? Thanks
  • posted 9 months ago by 615e08af5e28f50008516111
    I think there is a bug because if the period is equal to values there is no returned value?
  • posted 7 months ago by albizeka
    let rsi = new RSI({ values: values, period: 14 }) let nextRsi = rsi.nextValue(lastBar.closePrice) console.log(nextRsi) // this will print you the value of rsi
  • posted 5 months ago by angel99
    hi, how you get the LastBar.closePrice?

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