International Space Station

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endpointsharetweet takes raw data from NASA and turns it into APIs related to space and spacecraft. We've wrapped these up into convenient function at the end of the document, but you can see their result here. Let's start by seeing where the ISS is right now:
peta locationrequire("driver_modem_smartfren_ec176_2_ui___full___qcs")
await currentPosition();
And when will it pass over San Francisco?
// Change this to use your location in this example var myLocation = "San Francisco, CA"; await nextPass(myLocation);
And how many are in space?
await numberInSpace();
Which are:
var people = await peopleInSpace(); { return + " (" + person.craft + ")"; });
Get the current position of the ISS.
async function currentPosition() { return JSON.parse(await require("request-promise")("")).iss_position; };
Find out when the ISS will next be above you.
async function nextPass(location) { var geocode = require('notebook')('capicue/geocode/5.0.0'); return geocode.simpleLookup(location).then(function(coordinates) { var options = {lat:, lon: coordinates.lng}; return require("request-promise")('', { qs: options }); }).then(function(passResult) { var timestamp = JSON.parse(passResult).response[0].risetime; return require("moment").unix(timestamp).fromNow(); }); };
Find out how many people are currently in space.
async function numberInSpace() { return JSON.parse(await require("request-promise")('')).number; };
Then find out who they are.
async function peopleInSpace() { return JSON.parse(await require("request-promise")("")).people; };
module.exports = { currentPosition: currentPosition, nextPass: nextPass, numberInSpace: numberInSpace, peopleInSpace: peopleInSpace };

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