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(Kundali matching by the name and date of birth in hindi)[https://www.deccanherald.com/brandspot/pr-spot/is-kundali-matching-significant-for-love-marriages-861189.html] is often done in order to know how the couple is going to fare in their married life. Marriage is a sacred union where two individuals are in it for life and more. They have to share their woes and troubles together, be their support when they cannot stand on their own and be with their partner through thick and thin, no matter what and face every obstacle that comes in their partner together. Marriage does not involve only the love and happiness, it involves a lot of problems and sadness as well. And to spend a lifetime with your partner, you have to be compatible with your partner on three main levels being – emotionally, mentally and physically. If the individuals are not even compatible in one of these, the marriage will not last for long as it would lead to conflicts in the house and disrupt the harmony of the house. Kundali matching by the name of the individuals as well as the date of birth of the individuals in hindi. Kundali matching can be done by the name of the individual as well. Every individual has two names during their life span. One being the name they have been called in their everyday life, and the one which everyone knows, and the other being the one which is in their janam kundalis and are better known as the janam rashi name. To know if the couple is sexually compatible with each other, and to know if there are mentally compatible as well as if they can share and love each other, the janam rashi is matched and calculated to know all this. And to know if they are compatible in their everyday life, if they will have the mental understanding for each other, as well as if their work life will affect their marriage, the name which the individuals go by in their everyday life is used. Now,<a href="http://kundlimatching.in/"> kundali matching by the date of birth</a> of the individuals is used, and is the more preferably method used by the Astrologer because it gives much more accurate results. In this method the main factors that play a role are the exact date of birth of the individuals, the place of birth and the exact time of birth of the individuals. This further helps the Astrologer know the different aspects of the individual personality and life, and can match the individual with the partner respectively and if they would make a good match or not. <a href="https://kundalimilan.in/">Kundali matching by the name and date of birth</a>of the individual, is often done because of different reasons. Kundali matching by name is done when the individual is not sure about his/her details or does not have the details at all. While, if both the individuals have accurate details, kundali matching by the date of birth is done in order to ensure that the individuals are well matched and have a happily married as well as a content life.

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