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Kundali matching or the matching of the Horoscopes makes an advent of a vital time frame that is related to the life-long bond created, due to the marriage. The existence of the kundali matching by name and date of birth in the Hindu scriptures make it evident about the factor that holds importance for creating a beautiful moment with the understanding or the teachings that the janam kundali predictions have to pass through the reading and understanding of nature and the different characteristics of both the individuals who want to be knotted into. Everyone dreams to have an ever-lasting and stress-free marriage with their destined partner for the lifelong memories that they have to create or share. That is the comfort zone for every individual who is interested in leading a life just the way they have ever dreamt of. Through the process of the Gunn Milan, Manglik Dosha and the strength of the compatibility passed by the couple on each other, the whole life span gets measured at a go. PROCESS OF GUNN MILAN In the janam kundali, if it is taken seriously then the positioning of the cosmic body, Moon is quite important to depict and understand the life that the partners are going to lead with one another. Through the process of the Gunn Milan method, the 8 kootas get surfaced out which calculates the different aspects of the life that the couple is going to lead together. VARNA- It makes the couple understand the compatibility that they share with each other at the level of spiritualism. The categories divided are Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. VASYA- It holds the marks for the mutual attraction between the couple and how they hold the power over each other after marriage. TARA- It is completely understood through the process of the birth star that exists in the life of the life partners. YONI- The measurement of intimacy is understood through sexual understanding and compatibility through love. GRAHA MAITRI- The affection and friendship between the couple is revealed through this koota thus enhances the sense of happiness between the lovers. GANA- It deals with the behavior that the couple shows towards each other. Even the tempers for each other are measured along. RASHI- It controls the compatibility of the emotions that are bestowed by the couple towards each other. NADI- It is all about the genetic conditions after the marriage that affects life.

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