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Yup validation 1. Simple Validation 2. Dependent Validation 3. Dependent on multiple fields 4. Custom Validation 5. Async custom validation Note: I have used "await" for the last promise as it will wait till all the above promise are resolved. If we dont wait then programs exits wihtout returning result of promise
const yup = require("yup") //Simple validation const schemaValidatorObject = yup.object().shape({ price: yup.number(), year: yup.number().required(), model: yup.string().required(), engine: yup.string().required() }); const car = { year: 200, model: "Hyundai", engine: "Petrol", price: 2000 }; schemaValidatorObject.validate(car).then(function(value) { console.log(value) }).catch(function(err){ console.log(err) }) // Dependent Validation let dependentValidation = yup.object().shape({ isMorning: yup .boolean(), tea: yup.boolean().when("isMorning", { is: true, then: yup.boolean().required() }) }); dependentValidation.validate({ isMorning: true}, {abortEarly: false}).then(function(value) { console.log(value) }).catch(function(err){ console.log(err) }) // Dependent on multiple fields const multipleDependentValidation = yup.object().shape({ isMorning: yup .boolean(), isSunday: yup.boolean(), coffee: yup.number().when(['isMorning', 'isSunday'], { is: (isMorning, isSunday) => { return true }, then: yup.number().required() }), }); multipleDependentValidation.validate({ isMorning: true, isSunday: true, coffee: true }).then(function(value) { console.log(value) }).catch(function(err){ console.log(err) }) // Custom Validation let customValidation = yup.object().shape({ bevrage: yup.string().test('is-tea', '${path} is not tea', value => value === 'tea') }); customValidation.validate({ bevrage: "tea"}).then(function(value) { console.log(value) }).catch(function(err){ console.log(err) }) // Async custom validation let orderTea = yup.object().shape({ bevrage: yup.string().test('is-tea', '${path} is not tea', async (value) => await value === "tea") }); await orderTea.validate({ bevrage: "coffee"})

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