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angular2-template-loader @0.5.0

Angular2 webpack loader that inlines your angular2 templates and stylesheets into angular components.

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Chain-to loader for webpack that inlines all html and style's in angular2 components.

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Install the webpack loader from npm.

  • npm install angular2-template-loader --save-dev

Chain the angular2-template-loader to your currently used typescript loader.

loaders: ['awesome-typescript-loader', 'angular2-template-loader'],


To be able to use the template loader you must have a loader registered, which can handle .html and .css files.

The most recommended loader is raw-loader

In some cases the webpack compilation will fail due to unknown require statements in the source.
This is caused by the way the template loader works.

The Typescript transpiler doesn't have any typings for the require method, which was generated by the loader.

We recommend the installation of type defintions, which contain a declaration of the require method.

Example Markup

Here is an example markup of the webpack.config.js, which chains the angular2-template-loader to the tsloader

module: {
  loaders: [
      test: /\.ts$/,
      loaders: ['awesome-typescript-loader', 'angular2-template-loader'],
      exclude: [/\.(spec|e2e)\.ts$/]
      test: /\.(html|css)$/, 
      loader: 'raw-loader'

Awesome Typescript Loader

When using awesome-typescript-loader to load your typescript files you have to set the useWebpackText property to true. Otherwise the angular2-template-loader is not able to chain into it.

Here is an example markup (tsconfig.json)

  "compilerOptions": {
  "awesomeTypescriptLoaderOptions": {
    "useWebpackText": true // Allows other loaders to be chained to awesome-typescript-loader.

How does it work

The angular2-template-loader searches for templateUrl and styleUrls declarations inside of the Angular 2 Component metadata and replaces the paths with the corresponding require statement.

The generated require statements will be handled by the given loader for .html and .js files.