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node v8.11.1
version: master
const x = ({ a: 1, b: 2, c: function(){}, d: [1,2,2,3,4,5,6] })
// There is a bug here. The "Key" of the map (x) should be expandable like the next example. new Map([[x, 1]])
// I'm only including this example because the previous has a bug. // but notice that the key can expand. require("immutable").Map([[x, 1]])
// Notice the drop down menu on the right. "http://google.com"
// downloaded HTML (await require("got")("http://google.com")).body
// Buffers are used to store arbitrary data. (also notice the dropdown) new Buffer("askjdfhksadljfhasdlkjfhasdfsakldjfhasf", "utf8")
({lat: 12.123123123123, lng: 90.123123123123123})
// The chart will never show by default because we're not confident enough. // but you can see it behind the dropdown. ({Randy: [1,2,3], Francicsco: [4,5,6], Maya: [1,4,3]})
function throwAnError() { throw new Error("this is an error"); } function y() { throwAnError(); } y()
console.log("When there is an error in a previous cell the program has crashed and can no longer run");

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