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const Cite = require('citation-js') const input = `@TechReport{randall_marine_1984, author = {Randall, R. H. and Siegrist, H. G. and Neill, J. B.}, title = {A marine survey and an environmental evaluation of three coastal regions of {Tinian} for proposed amphibious assault training exercises. {Final} report submitted to {Commander} {U}.{S}. {Naval} {Forces} {Marianas}, {Guam} ({Contract}-{Ng}-1119-84-{M}-2947).}, year = {1984}, groups = {Micronesia}, keywords = {Mendeley references, MICRONESIA, GUAM MORE}, pages = {26 pp.}, timestamp = {2019-02-21 16:06}, }` Cite.plugins.input.chainLink(input)

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