RunKit + npm: modern-wasm-starter

node v10.23.3
// this is an example of a C++ module running on Node.js // the real power comes through TypeScript bindings though, // so be sure to check out the rest of the project at // const modern_wasm_starter = require("modern-wasm-starter"); // `withGreeter()` will run the callback asynchronously in a memory scope // and return the result in a `Promise` modern_wasm_starter.withGreeter(greeterModule => { // construct a new C++ `Greeter` instance const greeter = new greeterModule.Greeter("Wasm"); // call a member function and return the value return greeter.greet(greeterModule.LanguageCode.EN); // any created C++ objects will be destroyed after the function exits, // unless they are persisted });
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