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Celebrities that have worn Yeezys Let’s talk about celebrities that have worn Yeezys. There are a thousand questions that come to mind when thinking about different celebrities that have worn yeezys, like what style, what silhouette and have any worn https://www.artemisoutlet.cn/ fake Yeezys ? Let’s find out. Now we’ll start with the basics, clearly the Kardashians, Jenners and Kanye have all been seen in Yeezys. That would be some tough love from family if any of them refused to be seen in a pair. If you have watched Modern Family before then odds are you’re familiar with Ariel Winter. Ariel plays Alex in the show, a nerdy quiet girl who always struggles to get attention from her family. Well she’s not struggling to get attention on the streets when she’s rocking her black Yeezy 350’s. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner also join the list of celebs caught wearing Yeezys. The couple is now engaged and both love Yeezys. You know what they say, couples who wear Yeezys together.. stay together. They often wear matching Yeezys and have been spotted on multiple occasions rocking some black Yeezy Boost 350 v2’s. Liam Payne join the list also. For the uninformed, Liam is a former One Direction member and has publically stated that he is a big Yeezys fan. In the pic below we can see him rocking some white yeezy 350’s. Last to join the list is DJ and producer Calvin Harris. Calvin is a huge fan who has been spotted sporting Yeezys time and time again, although mostly 350’s. One trend we notice a lot with celebrities is that they’re rather drawn to the 350 range. Something to keep in mind when shopping for your next pair of Yeezys. Whether you have to purchase https://www.artemisoutlet.cn/ fake yeezys or a lesser known colorway, you now know that you can look just like a celebrity by rocking the right sneakers on your feet.

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