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node v10.24.1
version: 1.0.0
1. LEADER IN IT CERTIFICATIONS CKA Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Total Question: 90 Download CKA Full version : 2. Which of these parts mount volumes to containers? Choose the correct answer: A. kube-proxy B. fluentd C. kubelet D. kube-scheduler Answer: C Explanation: The kubelet which runs on nodes handles moment-to-moment management of the pods on its node. Question: 11 What is the difference between a Docker volume and a Kubernetes volume? Pick the correct answer: A. Proximity: In Docker, volumes can reside on a single host with their containers. In Kubernetes, they need to reside on separate metal for resiliency. B. Back-end Drivers. Docker supports more block storage types than Kubernetes does. C. Size: Docker volumes are limited by 3TB. Kubernetes volumes are limited to 16TB. D. Volume lifetimes. In Docker, this is loosely defined. In Kubernetes, the quantity gets the same lifetime as its surrounding pod. Answer: D Explanation: Docker volumes are not found in conjunction with Kubernetes at the moment. Question: 12 In a typical deployment, the Kubernetes Master listens on what port number? Choose the correct answer: A. 22 Mirantis CKA Exam 3. Mirantis CKA Exam B. 3001 C. 80 D. 443 Answer: D Explanation: The API server, by default, listens on port 443, the secure HTTP port. Question: 13 In Kubernetes, a group of a number of containers is called: Choose the correct answer: A. A selector B. A pod C. A swarm D. A minion Answer: B Explanation: A pod is normally one container but can be a group of containers working together. Question: 14 Which of the is a list of common Kubernetes primitives? Pick the correct answer: A. service, deployment, replicaset, etcd B. pod, service, persistentVolume, deployment C. containers, vms, hypervisors, daemons D. pod, swarm, namespace, network Answer: B 4. Mirantis CKA Exam Explanation: There are several others, but those are the ones you'll likely work with frequently. Question: 15 What controls a Kubernetes cluster? Choose the correct answer: A. minikube B. The Master C. kube-proxy D. kubelet Answer: B Explanation: The master node provides the Kubernetes api server, which controls what the cluster does. Question: 16 For network policies to work in Kubernetes, which of these must be true? Choose the correct answer: A. The CNI must have a "policy" sidebar. B. The CNI must support VxLANs. C. Network policies are always enforced. D. The CNI must enforce the network policies. Answer: D Explanation: If the CNI doesn't support network policies, then applying a YAML formula with a network policy in it'll return a success, however the policies will never be enforced. Question: 17 Which platform(s) will Minikube operate on? (Select all that apply) Download CKA Full version :

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