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ibm watson endpoint

node v10.21.0
version: 1.0.0
var VisualRecognitionV3 = require('watson-developer-cloud/visual-recognition/v3'); var fs = require('fs'); var visualRecognition = new VisualRecognitionV3({ version: '2018-03-19', iam_apikey: '9grp38ktiOJdokIWqahx50Lhr-dA1dfJqoVARvyk89xW' }); var url= 'https://watson-developer-cloud.github.io/doc-tutorial-downloads/visual-recognition/640px-IBM_VGA_90X8941_on_PS55.jpg'; var params = { url: url, }; visualRecognition.classify(params, function(err, response) { if (err) { console.log(err); } else { console.log(JSON.stringify(response, null, 2)) } });

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